Why I Rap In Business Meetings.

How My Passion For Hip-Hop & Sports Has Led Me To “My Why” In Business.

Recently our team has been talking to a lot of clients about “their why” — see Simon Sinek, etc.

Finding My Why

Ironically, as I’ve started to retroactively reflect on the “why” of Data Driven Design, I’ve noticed that ever since I started my own company, I’ve been behaving a lot differently.

Worlds Collide Theory

What’s happening is actually quite simple. My two worlds are colliding and I’m truly becoming my authentic self.

Origin Story

Why hip hop? When I was five, six and seven years old, my dad — single at the time after my mom passed — was a high school basketball coach in Rochester, Michigan, and I basically lived in the gym with him. I was a tiny gym rat, desperately trying to heave the ball into the 10-foot hoop at Rochester Adams.

Why Data?

Spending hours and hours in vinyl record stores putting records onto the turntable, listening and finding hooks that audiences would love to dance to, beats I could loop and verses I could mix together — that practice allowed me to perform at a level that others couldn’t. I was paid to play music three nights a weekend due to that digging that happened before and after the show.

The Swagger

I like the contradiction. I like that guys like Richard Sherman can go to Stanford (achieve success); get drafted in the fifth round (get overlooked by all 32 NFL teams 4.5 times), then use that chip on his shoulder to become the best cornerback in the league and win a Super Bowl.

I’m happy collecting sports cards and creating content about sports cards and digital collectibles. I run https://nooffseason.com