How To Generate Leads With Your Alexa Skill and Google Action Voice Apps

Paul Hickey
4 min readJul 31, 2020

What’s up everybody? Paul Hickey here with your data driven daily tip.

Today I’m very excited to talk to you about how to generate leads via your Alexa Skill or Google Action voice apps.

We’re gonna use a tool called Voiceflow.

I primarily use two different tools to build my Alexa Skills and Google Actions. One is The Voice Designer by Data Driven Design — more on that at second one is Voiceflow more on that at

In this video, you can see on my screen that I am showing you a product and project that I’ve built in Voiceflow.

It’s information about a nutritional supplements a brand called Wellthy, and it’s a product quiz as well as information about Wellthy.

So in this video, I walk you through the experience on Alexa, and then show you how I’m generating leads from this Alexa Skill for the brand Wellthy, who is my client.

Alexa, open Wellthy Nutrition. In my voice app, I put a block to request user information from the Alexa app. I did that by using the user info block in Voiceflow and I created variables for phone number, user name and email — and then when I did that I had to drag in also a request permissions block.

Because the user in the Alexa App has to grant permission to Wellthy Nutrition. The request user info block does that, and then the permissions block when you put it into Voiceflow you can tell it which permissions you want the Alexa app to request.

I put a speak block in for no access that says “to get your promo code we need you to enable your permissions from Wellthy within your Alexa app.” “Please open your Alexa app now on your mobile phone to enable permissions and then say “Alexa ask Wellthy Nutrition for my promo code.”

So if the user has not yet granted permissions to the Alexa app you can create a custom intent, and then prompt them to say the custom intent one more time so that then the Alexa Skill can actually grab their information.

Now that’s just kind of half the battle here. So the other half is that you have to do is drag in a Google Sheet integration block and map your variables to…