How To Build Mobile Friendly Video For Facebook Ads | Facebook Video Creation Kit and Simple Video Creation Tool Explained

Pay attention Small Business Owners, eCommerce Marketers and B2B Professional Service Marketers, you need to be doing this!

The Major Facebook Tool that is available NOW for all of us is the Facebook Video Creation Kit.

The Video Creation Kit allows you to go into Facebook Ads Manager and build video ads using their tools.

The Simple Video Creation Tool allows you to FROM YOUR MOBILE DEVICE, create a video ad using your existing Facebook Profile Image, and boost it to a targeted, custom audience.

From Facebook:

1. Video Creation Kit.

(Note: These are where you go into Facebook Ads Manager and create your own video ads using their tools!)

The Video Creation Kit enables you to turn existing image and text assets into mobile-optimized videos framed in 1:1 for feed environments or 9:16 for stories on Facebook and Instagram.

The Video Creation Kit has four templates all designed with your business goals in mind. The templates are found in Ads Manager within the single video and slideshow formats and are also available under Publishing Tools on your brand’s Facebook page. The templates make it easy to create effective mobile video ads that follow a performance-optimized story arc. Choose to:

  • Promote a product (6 seconds): Focus on a key product to generate interest and sales.
  • Sell multiple products (6 seconds): Show a selection of products, promote a special offer and drive sales.
  • Show product benefits (15 seconds): Highlight product features, use case studies or explain how a product works.
  • Drive product discovery (15 seconds): Bring your brand to life and share what makes your product unique.

Guys, this tool is so easy to use, it’s ridiculous. You don’t have to be a video editor to make high quality videos for your ads, and Facebook is making it super easy to use right from your mobile device on their platform.

On top of all of that, the data says ads typically perform better when you use built in tools like this that Facebook provides for you.

Of course, we’re happy to do it for you, or show you how to do it, but here is an overview of the Video Creation Kit.

As far as the other Video Tools go, here is a look from Facebook.

2. Video cropping

(Note: This is to optimize how your videos look to your audience across platforms)

Our new video cropping tool helps you easily optimize the framing of your video ads by cropping videos to our recommended aspect ratios within the ad creation flow. You can crop your video ads to 1:1 and 4:5 for feed, 16:9 for in-stream and 9:16 for stories. Cropping your video ads to the recommended aspect ratios will help your ads fit seamlessly into the ways in which people are consuming content in different environments.

3. Simple video creation tools

(Note: This basically makes your profile image into an animated video that you can boost!)

And for advertisers creating ads directly from their business Page, specifically on mobile, our new simple video creation tools help you quickly create templated videos from Page assets such as photos and company logos. This tool provides an effective and easy way to create eye catching video ads that look great on mobile, without major investment, in-house skills or additional assets. Simply select the animate option when boosting a post and a video will automatically be created for you. From there, you can use the video as created or customize it to suit your business needs.

The Simple Video Creation Tools are what actually happen within the Facebook Mobile App.

To animate your ad:

  1. Open your Facebook Page in the Facebook app.
  2. Create and publish a post with an image (at least 360×360 pixels).
  3. Your image will be cropped to square dimensions by our tool, so avoid using vertical or portrait images that could be distorted.
  4. Tap the Boost Post button that appears on your post
  5. The Boost Post window opens. Click Animate This Post.
  1. An animation will be created automatically for you.
  2. Tap Edit video if you want to customize the colors, images, text and fonts.
  • Keep your text as short as you can, because the animation is quick.
  • Choose high quality product images with good lighting, or images that represent your brand.
  1. Tap Done when you’re finished.
  2. You’ll return to the Boost Post window and see a preview of your ad.
  3. If you’re happy, tap Next in the top right. Uploading your video may take a few minutes. You can then choose your settings and budget to boost your post as usual. Learn how

Data From Facebook:

79% of consumers would rather watch a video to learn about a product than read text on a page,3and ads created specifically for the way people watch on mobile perform better across a range of metrics.4 But we know it can be challenging for advertisers to create mobile-optimized videos quickly. That’s why we’re launching Video Creation Kit to make it easier for all advertisers to create mobile-first video ads. Video Creation Kit helps advertisers create eye-catching, effective mobile video ads using existing images. The tool will enable advertisers to upload images, add overlays and logos to quickly build mobile-first video ads.

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