Clearly You Love What You’re Doing. Otherwise, Well…You Wouldn’t Be Doing It, Right?

Paul Hickey
4 min readOct 20, 2018

Real talk, I’ve been working really hard since I was about 15 years old. That’s when I first realized I could make money as a turntableist / (DJ), spinning records. Yep, spinning hip-hop records at parties.

I invested in my own set-up, as a high school junior, I bought turntables, a mixer, an amp, speakers, all the cords, and — my favorite part — the records!

This was when I first realized I was an entrepreneur. Everything was exhilarating.

Talking about my set-up with my friends, lining up potential gigs, staying up all night practicing, and driving to the record stores in Detroit and Roseville.

It fueled me.

Since then, believe me, I’ve had many jobs that didn’t fuel me. I’ve had many that drained the life out of me, that made me come home close to tears out of sheer frustration for the lack of productivity, the lack of passion and the incompetence around me.

I can’t stand not being happy.

I can’t stand not having something to look forward to.

I understand that money is important, but my second job that fueled me was my career with the Detroit Pistons from 2001–07.

I started at $26,500, and only really made it up to around $39k before I left.

It was never about money there. I loved every second of it.

My third job/venture that fueled me was my creation,, a dynasty fantasy football website that earned me the opportunity to become a nationally published sports writer.

I made around $20k — $30k a year on top of my day job.

I loved every second of NoOffseason, but HATED every second of my day job.

I had a fourth venture that fueled me around 2011, when I was hired to run a boutique web design and digital marketing agency based out of Nashville.

When the life had absolutely been sucked out of that place by others in charge 2013, I knew I needed to move on at some point.

I continued doing what I always did, since age 15; I said yes to all types of opportunities.